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Olga Zamkovaya

Skills Summary

Thirteen years of experience in Object Oriented Design, Development and support primarily in C/C++ in both UNIX and Windows environment.
Extensive experience with:

  • C, C++, MFC, JSP
  • ORACLE, Relational Data Bases
  • Windows Installer

Technical Summary

IBM-PC compatible, theoretical and working knowledge of Intel based PC architecture, RISC system/6000, HP-UX Systems, IBM OS/360,OS/370 systems

Operating Systems
UNIX (AIX 4.2 - 5.2, HP-UX 10-11.2, SunOS 5.7), MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, iRMX

C, C++, Korn/Bash/C Shell, SQL, MS Visual Basic, VB Script, VisiBroker CORBA for C++ and Java, HTML, Assembler (x86), JSP

Employment History

September 2006 - Present
Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.
St. Petersburg, FL
Programmer Analyst II

Development and support of network services, multi-threaded applications, stored procedures and automated reports using C, PL/SQL, ORACLE, KSH.

November 2005 - June 2006
Temple Terrace, FL
Programmer Analyst

Responsibilities: Design and implementation of new functionality components for existing system; Enhancement and optimization of existing procedures; Support of client-server architecture software for Telecom systems.

  • Designed, implemented and supported processing of new service request types for existing application
  • Designed and implemented tool to ease problem determination and troubleshooting and minimize impact on the server when accessing very large files
  • Developed shell scripts to automate existing procedures of database creation
  • Developed new and optimized existing shell scripts for data collection and processing

Operation Systems:Windows XP, SunOS 5.7, Linux
Used Programming Tools: C++, ORACLE 8.1.7, PL*SQL, Pro*C/C++, JSP, CVS, KSH, BASH

July 1999 - November 2005
SCC Soft Computer, Inc
Clearwater, FL
Software Developer

Responsibilities:Development of new functionality components for existing system; Support of client-server architecture software system for hospitals and medical laboratories; problem determination and troubleshooting.

  • Formalization of new client requests, developed specification of new functionality, realization of new functionality such as implementing HIPAA requirements
  • Developed and supported COM servers
  • Developed and supported programs and libraries on Windows platform using MS Visual C. Provided documentation and development guidelines for modules commonly used in different software products inside the company
  • Developed, provided documentation and supported installation procedures and packages for Windows projects using InstallShield Developer
  • Developed and supported programs and libraries using C/C++ on UNIX platforms in multi-threaded environment
  • Worked on integrating ASCII (UNIX) and GUI (Windows) products
  • Developed and supported systematical schedule based reporting system, support of report system native to non-relational database (RAIMA db_Vista)
  • Developed and supported ODBC driver for non-relational database (Raima db_Vista), optimized SQL reports using ODBC driver, provided integration of ODBC driver with MS Access and Crystal Reports.
  • Optimized ORACLE stored procedures
  • Provided support for terminal emulations and dumb terminals
  • Provided on-call support for Laboratory Information Systems security, reporting, Single Sign On modules, and browser component and client-server communication

Operation Systems:Windows XP/2000, AIX 4.3-5.2, HP-UX 10.x-11.2, Linux
Used Programming Tools:MS Visual Studio 6.0, AIX CSet++and IBM VisualAge C++ for AIX, CORBA, ORACLE 7.3-9.2, PL*SQL, Pro*C/C++, db_Vista 4.5, InstallShield Professional, InstallShield Developer 7x-8x, InstallShield DevStudio 9, MKS Source Integrity

February 1996 - July 1999
ISD - "Information Systems Development"
Ukrainian-Poland-American Joint Venture Company

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Team Leader, Software Developer

Project: Hospital and Medical Laboratory Information System.

  • Led the Integration team that coordinates development of different subsystems within a whole system, checks the entirety of the system, and generates the final installations. Facilitated developers with switching to new programming environment. Supervised release management and deployment policies
  • Developed client-server applications, based on DAO and ODBC technology, CORBA, creating branch from db_Vista to Oracle database. The programs allow the users to automate laboratory process, to set up laboratory facilities and control their quality
  • Developed GUI application, which allows user to create billing forms in NEIC, HL7, other formats
  • Developed library of C++ and Java classes to provide data exchange and validation from/to database entry and window controls
  • Developed customization system for graphical user interface
  • Development of user interfaces
  • Converted C-sources into C++ and Java
  • Worked as technical writer, both creating standards for source code and elaborating technical documentation for new projects
  • Administered MKS Source Integrity. Facilitated switching from MS Visual SourceSafe on Windows platform and SCCS on AIX platform to MKS Source Integrity

Operation Systems:Windows NT/9x, AIX 4.1-4.3,HP-UX 10
Used Programming Tools:Rational Rose Development Suite, Visual Studio 5.0-6.0, VC++, AIX CSet++, IBM JDK 1.1.6-1.1.8, CORBA, ORACLE 7.3-8.1.7, db_Vista 3.3-4.5, Raima Velocis Database Server 1.0-2.0, Rational Rose, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, MKS Source Integrity

September 1992 - February 1996
Dnepropetrovsk State University
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Mathematician II

Developed laboratory-testing variant of combustion emulation program
Operation Systems:MS DOS, IBM OS/360, Windows 3.x
Used Programming Tools:Borland C++ 3.1/4.5


Dnepropetrovsk State University
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics

Professional Affiliations

References available upon request.


Olga Zamkovaya
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